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Exchange of health information among healthcare organizations, providers, insurance companies, and patients is an age old requirement. Traditionally information is exchanged by sending paper through mail or fax. With the introduction of 'Electronic Medical Records' information is stored electronically within the EMR system. But apart from the limited channels (if at all) provided by the EMR vendor, we can not exchange this electronic information securely with other systems / entities (outside the EMR). We either have to print a report and mail it, or rely on insecure channels like email or texting. Exchanging patient medical information over insecure channels like e-mail or SMS (phone texting) is against HIPAA.

Kloudeye MedIX - MEDical Information eXchange Overview

Kloudeye MedIX is a complete end-to-end solution that is available on the cloud and in your mobile. The MedIX system provides instant data access from any location, at any time, and on any device. That means no hardware installation, no software installation, and no maintenance headaches. We simplify exchange of medical information between doctors, patients, hospital staff, billers, pharmacy, diagnostic labs, and insurance companies.

MedIX on cloud

  • The MedIX system on cloud is the heart of the Kloudeye solution. It allows doctors to
    • Manage out-patient appointments and/or in-patient admissions
    • Capture diagnosis (ICD) and procedure (CPT) codes during / after patient visit
    • Attach clinical and biller notes to patient visits
    • Submit charges for billing
    • View past medical, charge history of patients
    • Generate various easy to use reports
    • Access clinical data 24x7 using secure and reliable channel
    • Communicate with other doctors, hospital staff and patients using secure messaging
    • View / search past message history (messages archived for a minimum of 7 years)

Here is a sample 'Patient Roster' screen

MedIX Patient Roster on web

MedIX on mobile

  • The MedIX mobile application doctors to access MedIX system from any where (even when there is no network connectivity) from the comfort of their mobile devices. It allows doctors to
    • View/edit appointments (roster), and admissions (census)
    • Add diagnosis, procedure and clinical, biller notes during patient visit
    • Attach lab diagnostic reports, scanned images, voice memos etc to visit
    • View patients clinical history
    • Send, receive secure messages with other doctors, hospital staff and patients

Here are some sample screens for android and iOS versions of MedIX mobile

MedIX on mobile (iOS, Android)


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